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As professional pet sitters and dog walkers, we know a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to pet-related equipment. Below we offer some guidance for first time pet parents and experienced pet parents alike because each pet has different equipment needs based on size, temperament, experience on leash, and more.

Collars are specifically designed  for the purpose of displaying ID tags. They are NOT ideal for leashing/walking because they can easily slip off and/or cause injury.

All pets should wear collars with current rabies and ID tags – even indoor cats – but that’s all the collar should be used for.


Harnesses are the only sure-fire way to keep pets safe and comfortable on walks. Collars can slip off and cause physical harm including serious neck injuries when used with a dog that pulls.

Harnesses are designed to meet various needs including pet size and behavior. A simple, padded harness is ideal for mini to small dogs and a no-pull harness is ideal for excited walkers that weigh 15+ pounds.

The Wag Pack highly recommends the following harnesses to curb pulling:

Easy Walk Harness by PetSafe

Freedom Harness by USA Dog Shop

Sense-ation Harness by SoftTouch Concepts

A standard 6-foot leash is all any pet needs while on walks.

More than 6-feet between handler and pet allows for potential lunging, accidents, and ingestion of unknown debris, resulting in physical harm of the pet and/or the handler. For this reason, we discourage the use of longer training leashes and decline retractable leashes for use on walks.

We ask all TWP clients to provide a standard 6-foot leash for The Wag Pack care providers. Exclusive use of standard leashes not only prevents injury and accidents but also serves as a courtesy to our team. When walking dogs professionally, improper equipment can create chronic pain and fatigue, which affects our physical wellbeing and compromises our livelihood.

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