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Our loss, your gain!

Never did we think that our prosperous dog walking and pet sitting business would be mandatorily shut down for four months, our clients forced to stay home on indefinite work-from-home and reluctant to travel. We couldn’t have imagined that our business, having completed over 100,000 pet care visits over the course of 12 years, would be at a standstill. Covid-19 has had a catastrophic impact on small businesses everywhere and ours is no exception.

Because our owners manage TWP remotely, Isabel in Texas and Beth in western Virginia, and therefore have an office in one of the most expensive real estate markets in the country, the best decision we could make, under the circumstances, was to accept our landlords’ gracious offer to vacate the premises without penalty and cease all operations in Northern Virginia. It’s a huge loss for us but our overhead cannot sustain the marked decline in business demand that will likely continue into 2021.

About The Wag Pack

Named NAPPS Business of the Year in 2012 and amongst Washingtonian Magazine’s top pet care providers consistently since 2013, The Wag Pack prides ourselves on being leaders in the pet sitting industry, setting standards and elevating quality, efficiency, and customer service.

Over the past 12+ years, our Management Team has worked exhaustively on our business forms and processes. Before we close up shop and think of ways to possibly rebrand TWP, we are sharing our expertise with our fellow pet sitting business owners.

As a result, when you purchase one of the three packages below, you and your business will reap the benefits of our hard work, professionalism, and dedication. Once the Covid-19 fog lifts, workers go back to the office, and families start traveling again, you’ll have an invaluable library of resources that was curated by tenured business owners along with our knowledgeable legal team. We earned our many awards, industry recognition, and excellent reviews with these tools and are sharing them with you so that you too can do the same.

About the Packages

  • The Client Package ($100) is ideal for sole-proprietors and those with Independent Contractors who want to offer clients exceptional service while setting reasonable expectations and protecting their business from liability. Includes 19 downloads, about $5 per download. 
  • The Employee Package ($150) is perfect for anyone with employees who wants to add more robust hiring, training, and management processes. It’s also a great option for sole-proprietors that are planning to hire employees in the future or business owners that want to make the transition from ICs to employees. Includes 17 downloads, less than $9 per download. The Employee Manual, which was fully reviewed and refined by a Virginia business attorney, has 10+ pages. Just think of the time you’ll save!
  • The Insider Package ($250) is the BEST of all worlds with almost 40 downloads – all of the same downloads included in the Client and Employee Packages – but with the added bonus of The Wag Pack Insiders Facebook group, which will be limited ONLY to those that purchase the Insider Package, and gives members the opportunity to ask questions and share ideas pertaining specifically to the documents we shared, under the leadership of TWP’s Founder & General Manager, Isabel Alvarez Arata. Less than $7 per download.

Sale ends in...


Packages will be available for purchase through Thursday, December 31, 2020

TWP Insiders Facebook Group one-on-one guidance by Founder & GM, Isabel, ends 12/31/2020,
but the group will remain accessible to members for reference through March 31, 2021.

Digital downloads will only be accessible for 72-hours after purchase. Please download and save all items before the links expire. The downloads cannot remain accessible indefinitely. They must be downloaded and saved to remain accessible.

$ 100
  • Reviewed and Refined by Virginia business attorney
  • Edit as desired
  • Comprehensive and complete
  • Includes policies, procedures, FAQs, various specific release forms, and stationary recommendations
$ 150
  • Reviewed and refined by a Virginia business attorney
  • Edit as desired
  • Thorough and all-encompassing
  • Includes verbiage for social media conduct, workplace environment policy, and more
$ 250
  • Complete Client & Employee Package
  • Edit as desired
  • Thorough and all-encompassing
  • PLUS, gain access to TWP's Insider Facebook group
best option

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