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There's no place like home

Pets are most comfortable in their home environment. When you leave your pet at home and in our care, you keep them safe from the potential illnesses, injuries, and negative interactions that they may encounter at even the nicest boarding facility.

Because you don’t have to worry about transporting your pet before and after travel or paying for an extra day of boarding before pick-up, you can simply come home to your beloved companion. Simple as that!

your peace of mind is our priority


The Wag Pack is locally owned and operated and has been Making Pet Parenting Easier® in Northern Virginia since 2008.

We are licensed, bonded, and insured and use technology to securely retain client information, pet care instructions, and household details.

Our dedicated technology tracks employees’ real-time check-ins and check-outs including GPS location, both for their safety and your peace of mind, and allows you to receive visit updates straight to your email or phone app.

When you hire TWP, you hire our team, giving you access to dedicated back-up pet sitters, usually managers, that will step in and care for your pet in the case of any staff member illness or emergency so that your pet’s care is never interrupted.

We hire employees and do not work with independent contractors, which allows us to attain a higher level of service through in-depth new hire screenings, extensive training, and quality control.

pet sitting for cats & dogs


We specialize in the care of cats and dogs. Our team is trained in proper pet care, positive-based handling, and emergency management in relation to cats and dogs specifically.


We have designed our pet sitting services to meet pets' needs and allow pet parents to design a visit schedule that works with both your travel itinerary and your budget.


All clients receive a complimentary in-home consultation and InstaPack update card - a $40 value! Plus, with our Rewards Program, you earn credit toward free visits every time you schedule.

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Mini cat sit

cats only

15-min visit

Time Blocks:
before noon
after 3 PM

$22 for one pet
$4 per each additional pet

Extend visits for $4 per 10-minute increment
Households with 3+ pets enjoy a complimentary 10-minute extension

Designed for

less social cats that only need a daily visit or two to keep their plates full, water clean, and litter box scooped. During mini cat sits, we will bring in mail and newspapers, alternate lights, etc. but these shorter visits do not allow for much social interaction with your pet, which is why they are ideal for cats that typically hide from care providers.

If you have a social cat that enjoys playtime and makes friends easily, please consider our Stopping By services below. You are welcome to alternate Mini Cat Sit and Stopping By visits as desired depending on the length of your trip. 

Medication administration, if needed, is included in all services at no additional fee.

stopping by

cats and/or dogs

30-min visit

Time Blocks:
6 AM to 9 AM
11 AM to 2 PM
12 PM to 3 PM
1 PM to 4 PM
6 PM to 9 PM
9 PM to 11 PM*

$28 for one pet
$4 per each additional pet

Bedtime visit incurs an additional $5 per visit due to the late timing of this service

Extend visits for $4 per 10-minute increment
Households with 3+ pets enjoy a complimentary 10-minute extension

Designed for

both cats and dogs, our Stopping By services include feeding, water refresh, bringing in mail and newspapers, and other tasks your pet and home might need while you're away. For cats, we scoop litter, engage cats in playtime, and offer ample pets and TLC. For dogs, we start most visits with a walk, followed by feeding, playtime, and snuggles. Routine household tasks such as cleaning up feeding areas and washing bowls are also included, should time allow. Stopping By visits start at 30-minutes but may be extended for an additional fee.

Medication administration, if needed, is included in all services at no additional fee.

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customer rewards

The Wag Pack recently launched our TWP Rewards Program, which rewards clients for supporting our small business on social media, by scheduling services, and more. 

Highlights of TWP’s Rewards Program include

$1 for showing TWP love on social media

$5 for every $500 spent on services

$10 for every rave review

$20 for referring new clients our way

What customers Say About The Wag pack

"Thank you guys for everything you have done for us over the years, and we will miss the reliability, love and compassion that you and your dog walkers have shown us during good times and bad. We wish you all the best going forward...and please let us know when your services branch out our way"
Keesha M.
Dog Walking, Centreville
"Our vet has been VERY impressed with you all and how well you’ve done caring for Navi and keeping me posted. He asked for your name so he can pass it along to clients. I wanted to let you know since we entirely agree with him - you guys are the best! Thank you so, so, so much again and again."
Elizabeth P.
Cat Sitting, Kingstowne
"Sherri did a fantastic job. I am so appreciative that she was patient with me as I worked through my anxiety about leaving the boys in the care of someone we didn’t know (though TWP was highly recommended!). She took great care of the boys. We really enjoyed and found comfort in the updates she sent."
Nancy R.
Dog Sitting, Alexandria

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