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it’s nice to see you

Hi! I’m Isabel Alvarez Arata. I was the Founder & General Manager of The Wag Pack, LLC. We provided premier pet care services to thousands of families in Northern Virginia between 2008 to 2020.

The Wag Pack closed because of the pandemic but I’m still very much involved in the pet care industry. I now live in El Paso, TX with my husband of many years, our two young children, and our old dogs. Titan, the dog that inspired The Wag Pack and led me to this work is still with us at 15+ years old. He’s hanging in there and stays busy by talking daily walks and protecting his bed from our Border Collie mix, Caera. We have a beautiful, happy home and are grateful for all the ups and downs we experienced over the past few years. They made us a stronger family unit than ever.

I welcome you to explore this site and contact me for all things cats and dogs.


Fueled by my first encounter with rescue work and volunteerism at 17 years old, I have dedicated my life to helping companion animals and those that love them.

Since 2008, I have worked tirelessly to encourage pet parents and pet industry professionals to do right by their pets and the pets in their care through exercise, conscientious attention, proper nutrition, and more.

Founder of The Wag Pack, a pet care company formerly based in Northern Virginia, I know the pet care industry, top pet care experts, and must-have pet products inside and out.

A self-described gourmand and former hospitality industry professional, I recently blended my love of life, pets, and adult beverages with my passion for people in Covered in Pet Hair, a boozy web show for pet lovers.


With fifteen years experience in the pet industry – as a professional dog walker, pet sitter, business owner, non-profit volunteer, and more – I have an acute sense for what works and what doesn’t when it comes to pet care and our relationships with our companion animals.

In my boozy show for pet lovers, a podcast that is inspired by late-night TV interview shows, I speak to the who’s who of the pet industry and learn about products, people, and pet care tips that will leave you wanting more.